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Mr. Hoagie Menu

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Prices And  Menu Items Effective 10/28/2015

(Prices And Menu Items Are Subject To Change Without Notice)

Eat In Or Take Out


Small  4-Cut Pizza

Medium 8-Cut Pizza

Large 16 Cut Pizza


 X-Cheese, Onion,   Pepperoni,

 Green Peppers,  Mushrooms, Hot Sausage

 Hot Peppers,  Anchovies,

Black Olives, Tomatoes

White Pizza



Chicken Salad

Steak Salad


Whole - Half

Deluxe Italian Hoagie

The Original Italian Hoagie  

Porter House Steak Hoagie

Turkey Hoagie

All Provolone Cheese Hoagie

Homemade Hot Sausage Hoagie 

Homemade Meatball Hoagie 

Cappocola & Cheese Hoagie

Salami & Cheese Hoagie


Fried Onions, Mushrooms, GreenPeppers,Hot Peppers, Provolone Cheeze


 Large Variety Of Sandwiches

Hamburger                       Hot Dog

Cheeseburger                      Chili Dog

Double Cheeseburger                       Cheese Dog

Bacon DB Cheeseburger                    Chili & Cheese Dog

Big-T DB Burger                    Foot Long Hot Dog

Giantburger                         Foot Long w\Chili

Double Giantburger                      Foot Long w\Cheese

Pizza Burger                       Ft.Long Chili-Cheese

Sloppy Joe                Fried Egg Sandwich

Grilled Cheese     

From The Fryer

Fries Small - Large            Giant Fish Sandwich

Onion Rings              Provolone Cheese Stix

Breaded Mushrooms              Chicken Fingers

Breaded Cauliflower                 Potato Wedges

Breaded Zucchini                   Hot Poppers

Fried Broccoli/Cheese

                  Drinks                             Shakes

Small -Medium-Large            Regular - Giant

Coke - Sprite - Ice Tea -Rootbeer                Strawberry - Raspberry - Rootbeer

Diet Coke-Dr.Pepper-Lemonade                   Pineapple - Butterscotch - Banana

Coffee- Hot Tea- Hot Chocolate              Vanilla - Orange - Chocolate - Cherry

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